Linking to multiple Amazon sites

When we’re publicising a book online, it makes sense to include an Amazon link to make it easy to buy. But that link will only be effective if it takes readers to the relevant Amazon shop for where they live.

I’ve struggled with this issue for a long time. As I live in the UK, it makes sense to link to, but I know some of my readers are in the US so they would like the link to take them to

Now I’ve finally found a solution to the problem. can give you a universal link that takes the reader to whichever is the appropriate Amazon site for them.  The link looks like this – – so it’s short and straightforward.

The service is free and works well so it’s definitely worth considering.

If you are an Amazon Associate, you can enter your ID after you’ve set up your first link. but if you do, make sure you only use the link in a way that follows the Amazon Associate rules.

Diana Kimpton

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